Upsetting squares and making ladies moist 2003 - 2016
Hear first about any news, freebies and 
the sad, inevitable soulless comeback:

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Kunt has now left the building.
… after 13 years, 2000 gigs and half a million miles in a Ford Fiesta.

The Kuntshop remains open to try and shift some of the CDs clogging up my mum’s spare room.

And here are our 30-odd low budget music videos…
Wank Fantasy
I Was Pissed Out Of My Head
Perverts On The Internet
Use My Arsehole As A Cunt
Shaven Haven
Men With Beards
Fred And Rose
Michael Jackson Tribute
(Royal Wedding Souvenir Version)
(feat. Tyrannosaurus Alan)
(feat. One Fell Down)
(One For The Kiddies)
Use My Arsehole As A Cunt
(The Nick Clegg Story)
I Sucked Off A Bloke
Jimmy Savile And The Sexy Kids
I’m Gonna Think Of You
My Homeless Friend
The Abortion Song
Amy (It’s A Terrible Shamey)
Jesus (Baby With A Beard)
Wanking Over A Pornographic Polaroid 
Of An Ex-Girlfriend Who Died
The Wrong Ian Watkins
Arranged Bride
Simon Cowell (#dirtyprotest)
That’s Why I’m Voting UKIP
A Lonely Wank
In A Travelodge
12 Days Of Christmas
Bangers And Mash
(Shitting On) A Picture Of The Queen
There’s loads more videos on our You Tube channel
Including the following full length shows…
Kunt live in Britain’s
Smallest Pub (2014)
Kunt’s on Daytime TV -
 Edinburgh Fringe (2012)
Kunt’s Cockumentary (2009)
Kunt live at
Edinburgh Fringe (2013)